2017 EAA Special Event Station Update - Operators still needed

With the advent of the month of May, sign up for the 2017 EAA
Special Event Station is rapidly drawing to a close. There are still
plenty of operating positions available. If you haven't signed up yet
and wish to operate please do so to insure that you get the assignment
you desire. If you have already signed up and can make any additional
shifts that would be greatly appreciated.

We will operate 5 days -- Wednesday through Sunday, during the show
(July 26 thru July 30,2017). This operating event is open to all
license classes. We will operate 2 HF stations, one on 20m, one
on 40m, 6-meter SSB, plus local communications on 2-meters. The
club call, W9ZL, will be used throughout the event.

We are looking for both "AM" and "PM" operators covering each of the 5
days. You can sign up for one shift or more if you so desire. The event
is open to all of the amateur community. If operators sign up for a 4
hour shift, they will be given a daily wristband that will allow them
to go and wonder around the Fly-in.

Starting with the 2016 Kidventure the EAA has instituted a Youth Protection
Program. Be sure to participate in this program so you can operaate
at the 2017 FCARC EAA Special Event Station. A link is provided on the website
sign-up page to guide you to the EAA Youth Protection Program site. If you
have previously completed the program it is approved for 5-years.

For further information and to sign up to operate the event go to:
The sign up form is available on the event sign-up link on the Website home

Or you may contact Jon Oldenburg AB9AH at:

Hope to see you all soon!

Jon Oldenburg AB9AH
Special Event Coordinator
EAA AirVenture 2017
EAA #1025447